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Jul 2015

Over the past two weeks we’ve playing around with your words. Whether it’s hockey, football or rugby, we’ve been running around in your field of expertise and smashing goals, to deliver the best in sports translations. When it comes to working with the world’s number one sport, we can translate offside and defence passes in …

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Nov 2014

A patient is hurried into Liverpool Royal emergencies at 3am. She is originally from Hong Kong and attempts to describe her agonizing symptoms in Cantonese but only receives blank faces from the medical staff. No medical interpreter is available until 9 am and so a Mandarin speaking Chinese nurse is instead quickly called upon to …

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Jun 2010

Machine Translation – What You Need To Know The new Czech government faces many difficult decisions. For example: ‘Will from next year to ride with a plastic box behind the windscreen, or a continuation of classical vignettes?’ So, at least, informs us Google’s machine translation of Lidové Noviny. This is what you get for relying …

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May 2010

Your Guide to Legal Translation How To Find A Law-Abiding Translator Legal Translation requires precision – as in all translations – but also particular care in the use of terminology. Translating a legal document means conveying the legal system of the source language in the target one so that it is understood by someone who may …

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Apr 2010

Medical Translation: What you need to know In the last few decades, easy international travel and changing attitudes have led to a considerable surge in international tourism and immigration. Nowadays, more people than ever before are travelling around the world for reasons of business or pleasure, or choosing to move overseas. The result of this …

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Apr 2010

Technical Translation: Vital accuracy, specialised terminology Without even noticing it everyday we are confronted with technical translation. From the reading of  product instructions to the user’s guide of a newly-bought computer, it is the accuracy provided, the use of the relevant and specialized terminology that provide us with a complete understanding of what we are …

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Apr 2010

Your Guide to Website Translation In the last decade, the availability and popularity of the Internet have increased exponentially, with countless people now using computers on a daily basis for communications, shopping and entertainment. Virtually all businesses now have an ‘online presence’ in the form of tailor-made websites and website translation. Websites allow companies to …

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Oct 2009

Legal Translation Company – Which should I choose? There are many standards you can use to gauge a legal translation company. The first and most common one is the number of native speakers as part of their staff. Some providers take pride in the fact that 90 to 100% of their staff are native experts. …

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Oct 2009

Legal Translation in Dubai Luckily, you can find many companies offering legal translation in Dubai. They can provide you with a range of services related to legal translations.  Companies in Dubai can offer services from highly qualified specialised legal translators. These experts work relentlessly under direct supervision of team leaders who have international reputations. There …

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Oct 2009

Legal Translation Service – Things You Need To Know A good legal translation service is supposed to give you a bit more than mere transformations of words. When you’re hiring such a service, it is your minimum right that they treat each and every one of your documents as highly confidential and prioritised material. What …

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Sports Translations

Over the past two weeks we’ve playing around

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