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Language Tuition Courses and Business Culture and Etiquette Briefing: What to consider

Expert Language Solutions provides private language tuition courses for one-on-one or small groups as well as corporate foreign language training sessions for crash course linguistic and business culture etiquette preparation for country market visits.



Private Language Tuition

Our carefully selected team of qualified and experienced native language trainers can arrange for tuition courses to be conducted at your convenience of time and location – be it in your home or workplace.

We offer a range of teaching approaches at all levels, from simple conversational to in-depth classes to cover all aspects of reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar. With our bespoke help and advice, you choose what tuition course is best for you.

Develop the communicative confidence to talk with native speakers in real-life situations, both at work and on holiday.

Business Culture & Etiquette Briefing


Our vision is simple – to provide a unique personal and professional development opportunity in preparation for working with international clients and conducting overseas trade. Language and culture today is an essential tool for any professional or institution wanting to embark upon international business ventures. The plain reason is: to sell overseas, you also need to communicate in their language and understand the ‘Dos and the Don’ts’ of doing business in your client’s country.


In-company: By most popular demand our foreign language courses are flexibly tailored to the convenience of our clients’ work schedule and location.

Alternatively, we can provide excellent hired facilities in a relaxed and professional environment to suit the particular needs of all tuition courses.


Bespoke tuition courses for small groups of individuals or corporations combine training in language, business and culture. There are often huge differences between the way people greet each other, what to say and when, and even how people are supposed to dress for a business meeting in another country. We help overcome that confusion and ensure a successful first encounter for a long-lasting professional relationship with overseas clients.

Ongoing support for the translation of website development and tools is also available on a subscription basis.

Our Culture Tuition Courses are designed to provide students with an awareness of contemporary business practice and etiquette, as well as history and modern culture of the clients’ country. For example, expressions and gestures that mean one thing in a given culture may mean something else in another. A term that may seem perfectly harmless to you may be offensive to someone from another ethnic group. A gesture that may be offensive to you may be a friendly communication to someone from another culture.

Our Language Tuition Courses offer basic to advanced study to enable effective communication with clients and confidence in communicating in the country visit of choice.

Our tuition courses are designed for anyone who aspires to mastering a new foreign language with cultural business skills for an unrivalled personal development and career enhanced opportunity. In a globalised world, people who are able to demonstrate knowledge and experience of international trade will be at a major advantage in the employment market.


Transcription Translation Interpretation 

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