Choosing The Best Services For Your Business Needs

Expert Language Solutions translation services apply to all kinds of documents from simple letters to large technical documents for specialist Medical, Legal, Financial and Marketing organisations, including websites and printed catalogues.

We offer transcription and translation services of a wide range of audio/video material in a whole host of file formats and of all kinds of documents from one-on-one to focus group interviews, to large technical documents for specialist legal, academic, medical and advertising entities.

We also provide high quality interpretation in over 70 languages with our team of talented in-country language specialists from all over the world.

Additional to our written and verbal translation services, Expert Language Solutions provides private language tuition for one-on-one or small groups as well as corporate foreign language training sessions, both crash courses and long-term learning. Our inguistic and business culture etiquette preparation is also a must for country market visits. Bespoke training courses for small groups of individuals or corporations combine training in language, business and culture. This is essential to selling overseas: you also need to communicate in your client’s language and understand the ‘Dos and the Don’ts’ of doing business in his or her country.



Transcription services by qualified and experienced audio typists

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Translation services with professional linguists

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Qualified linguists, face-to-face and telephone interpreting services

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Tuition & Courses

Tuition from qualified and experienced native language trainers

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Our special Introductory Export Support package for SMEs looking to trade with overseas markets includes:

– Translation of introductory letters/emails
– Follow-up calls in client’s native language
– Website translation and webtool maintenance
– Cultural business etiquette training and advice
– Translation and Interpreting for airport transfers, city guides, events and conferences
– 12 month translation support service

Due to growing demand our services have also expanded into providing professional language training and business culture and etiquette courses.

We can arrange for a professional and experienced language tutor to improve your communication fluency at your own convenient time and place. 

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