Jul 2015

Over the past two weeks we’ve playing around with your words. Whether it’s hockey, football or rugby, we’ve been running around in your field of expertise and smashing goals, to deliver the best in sports translations.

When it comes to working with the world’s number one sport, we can translate offside and defence passes in any language. This week we’ve been handling the transcription and translation of a whole host of elite football interviews in the UK, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugual, Germany and Japan. The precise terminology of sports translations is key whilst we document the opinions of professional football players.

This last week we’ve also been tracking high-end hockey players as they puck the ball into their opponents’ goal. We have definitely scored in achieving the transcription and sports translations of first-division hockey league interviews in 14 languages, conducted across Europe and Asia, from Italy and Poland to Korea and Taiwan.

It was this time last year that we also tackled a huge rugby project in France, where amateur and elite players were sharing their experienced opinions on matters of ball size, shape, material and texture. Top performance is always the objective, among sports players and our sports translations experts alike.

We receive many requests from sports organisations, research centres, universities and federations. Another recent project includes direct transcription-translation into English of a video about Portuguese sports players’ careers.

All the sports interview transcriptions and sports translations we score are handled by the most qualified translators, be it on court, on the pitch or in the field. Please get in touch so we can also help you set records, reach a wide audience, pull in fans and better your results!

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