Transcription Translation

Transcription Translation: Essential Services, Closely Related

Translation is the enunciation in another language (the target language) of what has been expressed in a language (the source language) whilst preserving the semantics and style of the original version. As for transcription, it is this action to convert a spoken source into a written format whilst maintaining the same language. However, what if the need occurs for translating a recorded verbal interview into another language? Then transcription and translation are closely linked.

This necessity arises more frequently than we can imagine in a variety of sectors. The legal sector, for instance, is in constant need for transcription of deposition or more complex documentation for investigation and trial purposes. As far as the medical sector is concerned, both NHS and private hospitals require a wide range of documents transcribed; among them: surgery notes, discharge summaries, cardiology report, etc. It may also be the case that, confronted with foreign patients, a translation of this medical information in different languages is necessary. And let’s not forget financial services or, simply, internationalised business: meetings, earnings reports or conference calls once transcribed have to be sent to other branches, or from the branches to the headquarters located in another country. Here again arises the need for the transcription translation combination.


Whatever the activity or the type of business, the transcription translation service must be rigorous. Technical terms must be first clearly understood and transcribed to then be perfectly translated. In order to do so, a perfect knowledge of the glossary and a deep understanding of the source sector and source language are required. The skilled and experienced translators we are working with allow us to provide you with this two-fold service “transcription and translation”; avoiding you the trouble to look for a transcriber and a translator at the same time. Assigning this task to only one person is a chance to save time and money.

Different kinds of transcriptions exist, and we can provide you with verbatim transcription as well as summaries or reports depending on what you are looking for. From interviews to medical, business or academic transcription, we can work from all types of media or audio files and translate them in a large variety of languages. Our teams of translators and interpreters are fully aware of the importance along with the confidential character of the documents they are working on, and are bound by a non-disclosure agreement. Moreover, they can handle both the transcription translation of the required information.



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