Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations

The importance of medical and pharmaceutical translations

If there’s one field where the quality of translation can mean the difference between life and death, it’s in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Many people with no or limited English-speaking skills are reluctant to access healthcare because of the language barriers. At Expert Language Solutions we help you eliminate the stress and fear of miscommunication and focus on delivering the quality medical and pharmaceutical translations services your clients and patients need.

”Thanks for sending back so quickly the Arabic translation of these patient demographic papers!” World Medicine

”I appreciate your efficient and friendly response with the delivery of these Turkish Community Health information leaflets.” 4Children

”Thanks again for the fast delivery of these medical test questionnaires.” David Murray Consultancy


What medical and pharmaceutical translations do we translate?

Clinical reports
GP consultation records
Sales agreements for healthcare equipment
Analysis translations
Pharmaceutical prescription leaflets
Physiotherapy reports
Marketing documentation
Hospital release forms
Patient billing and instructions
Medical and immunisation records
Informed consent forms
Medical claims
Personal injury claims
Patients’ rights

Why do we use only qualified translators for medical and pharmaceutical translations?

We only ever use specialist translators who have a proven, extensive medical knowledge of, specialised training and experience in your particular healthcare field. They are native target language speakers and handle your medical and pharmaceutical translations with the same skill and care with which you treat your clients or patients.

Client Confidentiality

At Expert Language Solutions, client confidentiality is paramount. We fully understand how important it is to maintain strict confidentiality in medical and pharmaceutical translations, and are therefore happy to sign non-disclosure agreements when requested by the client.



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