Ago 2009
Spanish - English

Spanish to English Legal Translation You may ask, “What’s the big deal about Spanish – English legal translation?” In reality, legal translations in a Spanish – English niche call for some specific expertise. There are a lot of touchy issues regarding wording choices.  And word order can have equally important implications. When it comes to …

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Ago 2009

Legal terminology translation Legal terminology translation becomes essential for official reasons, evidential papers and various official documentation. Some people need translation in official language(s) under special jurisdictions. There are some countries where it’s an obligation for legal translators to swear to god (or any similar oath) for attesting the legal equivalence of the target text …

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Ago 2009
international globe and gavel

Legal Language Translation – dynamics that matter! Legal language translation can cover many things; including summons, complaints, bylaws and supporting documentations. Legal translation companies usually consist of a large array of translation staff. As a buyer of translation services, you deserve supportive and personalised attention to your valuable documents. Actually, the translation service you’re buying …

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Ago 2009
Hand stamp paper document

Legal Documents Translation – a few things you need to know Many things in the world call for extreme precision, sincerity and experience and legal documents translation is one of them. Laws usually have specific language terminologies and legal translation tends to be an extremely culture-dependent field. All translators agree that legal translation must be taken …

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Ago 2009

Legal English Translation – what to expect? When you’re in need of legal English translation services, you can find many services out there. Typically, people need such services regarding commercial contracts or various legal documents. But when a language is translated into English legal jargon – this calls for a great amount of skill. And …

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